Stone #: 2015-002
Price per stone: US$675,000
Asking price per ct: US$655,340
Carat Wt: 1.03
Cut: Marquise
GIA colour intensity: Fancy Vivid
GIA colour modifier: Pink
Argyle?: Yes
Argyle colour: N/A
Clarity: SI3
Spread in %: -5
Comments: This is one of the most important diamonds ever mined at Argyle. If it were not for the discovery of this diamond in the original valuation samples it is possible the Argyle Diamond Mine would never have achieved financial backing. That original rough pink diamond was purchased by one of the directors of Ashton, William Leslie. The company that discovered the mine, plus the Ellendale and later the Merlin mine, was led by Ewen Tyler OA. This is probably the first ever +1ct vivid pink Argyle diamond mined. At that time the mine had not even been named Argyle! There are declarations of this diamond's provenance from Bill Leslie and Ewen Tyler attached. Both elderly but still alive and well and happy to confirm by phone or email all that is stated here. Bill sold the diamond to me, Garry Holloway in 2014/15. I have the original setting which can accompany the purchase, although the diamond is loose. ------------------------------- Details of the Diamond: ------------------------------- The diamond has two GIA grading reports and one from GRS-CGL. The diamond is virtually eye clean and received a GIA I1 because there is an open feather on the under pavilion side which would explain why GIA graded the diamond as I1. The GRS-CGL report is scientific evidence that the diamond is from Argyle. There is no Argyle certificate because Argyle did not yet exist at the time the diamond was mined. The diamond itself was cut and polished in London under the supervision of Stuart Devlin ( ), a royal jeweller to the Queen. Stuart was an Australian who also designed the animal motifs on the coins we use every day in Australia. Sincerely, Garry Holloway
Status: Available
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